RYC Work Days 2023

Mark your calendars! We will be hosting 3 workdays before camp starts this summer. 
They will be: 
Saturday, March 25
Saturday, April 29
Saturday, May 27

There is a lot of indoor work as well as a great deal of outdoor work. We have desperately needed general cleaning, leaves and limbs removal, fallen trees to be removed, shrubbery trimming, carpet to be torn out and painting after that. There is also carpentry and repair work — see Scott or Stefan about that. 

Don’t worry, there is plenty of work for all skill levels and ages!
Please mark your calendars and join us if you can.

If there are other days you would like to work, please contact Vicki Russell or Brock Hester for a list of things to be done.

RYC Work Days 2021

Dear friends of Rustic Youth Camp, 

If we are going to to pass inspection in order for RYC to operate this year, we need your help! There is much work that must be done immediately. Mr. Jackie has a list from the local health inspector.

We plan to have weekly workshops every Saturday beginning March 20th.

Please contact Vicki Russell by email or text to let her know which day or days you can help. 

We will supply the materials and tools, just bring your own food and drinks. 

Plans will be finalized within the next couple of weeks as to what our capacity will be and how we will conduct the registration. 

Thank you so much for your patience as we navigate through this crazy year!

— The RYC Board

The RYC Flag